Crystals and stones are funny little beings.  They have a  way of capturing your imagination.  When the whole crystal fad first exploded, i though it was the stupidest thing ever! Who would spend good money on ROCKS??  Then i wandered into the back room where my friends were unpacking a flat of Brazilian quartz.  One particular piece started waving at me, metaphorically speaking, and i was hooked!  i still have that special crystal (and many others lol)

To the best of my knowledge, none of my stones are dyed or heat treated or mistreated.  Not every dealer loves the stones!  My mission is to be kind of a matchmaker between a stone and the person it is supposed to be with.  People say that our prices are extremely fair.  Many beautiful stones have passed through our hands over the years, hopefully giving Love and Light to their new people.  Please call and see what stone might be best for you!

Crystals & Stones